Neath Amateur Swimming Club


****** Neath Open meet ******

I would to extend a thank you from Neath Swimming club to all who attended this weekends meet.  The results have been added to the open meet section of this site for your information. (Click here for Quick Link)

All results have been sent onto British rankings and should be present once the file has been uploaded to the ranking site.

All refunds for scratched and non swimming ALT swims will be sent out this week. 

Neath ASC



New Members Welcome

Neath Amateur Swimming Club was established in 1928, providing a centre of excellence to the Neath and surrounding boroughs for swimmers aged five years and above.
Throughout our history, we are very proud to be able to say that a number of our club swimmers have represented our region, and Wales at the highest levels.
We pride ourselves on being not only a dedicated sporting academy but also a friendly and welcoming club, where all swimmers are dynamically coached regardless of age or ability.

  • New swimmers (stroke improvment)
  • Race Readiness
  • Elite
  • Returning Athletes